The church now and in the future

The Visio church conference is a three-day event hosted by Tampere Pentecostal Church, through which we seek to invite Christians to come and be ignited by God’s mission for His church.

We want to remind ourselves about a mission, bigger than ourselves, which God is calling us to be a part of.

In these times of change, there is a great need for Christians who are determined to bring the message of the gospel forth together.

We believe that God has a clear mission and a calling for His church. Our Visio Conference seeks to serve this purpose: to equip and ignite.

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We would love to welcome you to our Visio Conference. We believe that God has given His church clear guidelines and all that is necessary to complete its given mission. Despite this, we are often in need of a reminder. We also have a need to find time together, so that God can speak to us, encourage us and mobilize his church. Our guests at this years Visio Conference have been chosen with these particular themes in mind, because these are the themes we feel God has spoken to us about. We believe that He wants to speak to you too. 

Usko Katto

Leading pastor, Tampere Pentecostal Church

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Guest Speakers

At the core of our conference is a vision for the church. Our diverse group of speakers possess a lot of experience from different fields. But what unites us all is a longing to be a part of God’s work. Work that starts in our own cities and spreads all the way to the ends of the world.




Colin Dye is a senior pastor at Kensington Temple in London, and also serves on the board of directors of the Elim Movement in England. He has decades of experience in leading a multicultural church in an urban environment. Dye is known as a pioneer of cell group work in Europe. As a preacher he is known for highlighting the importance of prayer and the role of the Holy Spirit in his sermons.



Ari Puonti is a well known lecturer and a spiritual counsellor. He is also the pastor of Vineyard Church in Helsinki. Ari has published several books on the topic of counselling. In addition to being a teacher and a pastor, he has been tightly involved with the Healing Rooms movement. He’s a living example of someone committed to building genuine and reviving spiritual communities.



Niklas and Tanja Niemelä are the pastoral couple of the modern Houm Church. For them, church means a group of people who are held together by God’s love. We share their vision of a church that is one big family, that looks to disciple its members and spread the Good News together.



The Moores, Jake and Maureen are known as a warm-hearted couple whose love for people is seen in their daily life. They are youth workers for Hillsong London. In addition, Jake is also involved with their school ministry. They have a vision for young people, that are well-balanced, creative and have a positive impact in their society. Jake and Maureen are the kind of people that will make you excited about Jesus - their excitement is contagious.



Hannakaisa has years of experience in building a church that is based in cell groups and disciplining. In recent years she has also been involved in social activities such as the fight against human trafficking. She is also an accomplished leader and a preacher with a heart filled with life.



Before his transfer to Tampere, Petteri has served as the senior pastor for Pentecostal churches in Seinäjoki and Lahti. He meets people with compassion, which shows the kind of shepherds heart he has. This family man is a passionate Bible teacher and experienced leader, as well as a trained mentor.



Markus Rautaniemi is a graphic artist and our media pastor. Markus is a father of three. He serves as one of the leading pastors for the Iltakirkko community. This skater-pastor’s heart beats for a creative church as well as New Testament research.



Our assistant pastor Veera Katto is our next generation leader and a versatile social media professional. Veera would like to see a creative and a passionate church thriving in the center of the surrounding community. Together with Joona, they lead our Lost & Found ministry.




Usko Katto is the senior pastor of Tampere Pentecostal Church. He and his wife Tina have contributed strongly to the spiritual awakening in Tampere during the 2000’s. He has also played a major role in the church’s shift towards a cell group-based church. Currently Usko has been focusing on raising and strengthening spiritual leaders in Finland as well as abroad.



Joona is the head of our Lost & Found nights and serves as our youth pastor as well as worship leader. He has a special place in his heart for discipling young people. Joona is a great example of a spiritual leader and a big brother, one you can easily approach. Joona has been the frontman for the Praise Brothers worship group and has served as a pastor focusing on teen ministry.


Jarkko has a vision for university cities throughout Europe to be reached by the positive message of the gospel. He theology enthusiast has over ten years of experience in youth work. In addition to being a pastor for Tampere Pentecostal Church, he is the chairman of the Finland-wide youth work within the Pentecostal movement.



Tapani has years of experience in school and camp ministry in the Pirkanmaa area. Currently he serves as the pastor for family and children’s ministry for Tampere Pentecostal Church. Tapsa is passionate about seeing the church as a community for the whole family. He also sees taking care of our marriages as key element as our time needs examples of thriving marriages.

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Doctor of Science (Technology) Pauli Kuosmanen is an expert on technological education as well as digital service technology. While he also has a theological education, he currently serves as a dean at the Tampere university of technology. Pauli is one of our panelists for our saturday morning session.

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Mira is the leader for teen ministry for the Saalem-Pentecostal Church in Helsinki. Mira feels she’s had a calling for spiritual work since she was young. She hopes that young people would find their creative side and also the courage to fulfill their dreams. Mira is one of our panelists for our saturday morning session.


Miika is a profound theology teacher, who has focused on difficult themes such as questions about global injustice. Miika is a father of four and he’s currently a teacher at the IK College. Miika is one of our panelists for our saturday morning session.

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6pm VISIO-evening, oppening / Ari Puonti, also Jake Moores and Ritva Belt

8pm Evening Snack

9pm Lost & Found (Youth) / Jake and Maureen Moores, Fuel Worship



11am Session 1, a panel discussion / Miika Tolonen, Pauli Kuosmanen, Mira Korhonen, Hannakaisa Shehu, Jarkko Lindqvist

12pm Lunch

1.30pm Session 2, Short Visio Speaches / Tanja Niemelä, Maureen Moores, Petteri Arasalo, Hannakaisa Shehu, also Henry Mononen and Jouko Ruohomäki

2.45pm Coffee Break

3.30pm Session 3 / Tanja and Niklas Niemelä, also Usko Katto

4.30pm Break

6pm VISIO-evening / Colin Dye, also Usko Katto and Veera Katto

8pm Evening Snack

9pm Lost & Found (Youth) / Veera Katto, Joona Salo, Lost & Found band



11am Morning Service / Colin Dye

12.30pm Coffee Break

2.30pm Session 4 / Avainmedia and Niilo Närhi

5pm Evening Service / Colin Dye

6.30pm Evening Snack





Tampere Pentecostal Church is located right at the center of Tampere (at Aleksanterinkatu 18) conveniently near to public transport. We suggest arriving by train or bus, as the train station is within 5 minutes walking distance and the bus station within 10 minutes walking distance.

If you’re planning to arrive by car, you have several options to choose from. You can find P-Hämppi nearby and Rongankatu is handy for street parking. Unfortunately, none of these options are free of charge.



Enjoy our delicious meals prepared by our competent chefs!

In addition to food served by the church, you can visit cafes and restaurants located close by.

In addition to the meals served at the church, you can buy coffee and something sweet to pair it with from the church bookstore and from Valohuone next door (Kyttälänkatu 1).



Tampere Pentecostal Church has been designed to fit the needs of the movement impaired. Our main events are held at street level and you can also access our basement floor by an elevator, where our toilets (including a toilet for the disabled) and our dining areas are located.


We’ve created Visio to be suited for everyone, from babies to the elderly. Saturday from 11am-4.30pm we’ve prepared a separate space in Ylisali where families can follow our events live.

Visio children’s program:

  • Fri 6pm Kids Vision, ages 4–11

  • Sat 6pm Kids Vision, ages 4–11 (Ylisali)

  • Sun 11am Sunday school and Bible teaching, ages 3–12

  • Sun 5pm Children’s world, ages 4–11, Toddler care ages 0–3 (with parents)



Our Visio conference is multi-cultural and we want to take different language groups into account. Our events will be interpreted to (at least) the following languages: English, Swahili, Arabic and Farsi. You’ll find the suitable headphones in the beginning of our meetings from the back of our main hall, on the left.


Social Media

You’ll find the Visio conference from the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. You can participate in the conversations concerning our conference with the hashtags #visiokonferenssi and #visio2018.


There are plenty of hotels located near to our church. For conference attendants, we’ve received offers from the following hotels:


  • 89 € one person room  / night

  • 99 € two person room / night

  • 109 € two person room with an additional bed  / night

Price includes a buffet breakfast and sauna.

Reservation with the name Visio-seurakuntakonferenssi by September 15th.


  • 96 € one person room / night

  • 116 € two person room  / night

Price includes a breakfast (which includes organic foods) and wireless internet.

Reservation with the following code:  VIS280918_003.


  • 125 € / 1 person Standard room / night

  • 135 € / 2 person  Standard room / night

  • 135 € / 1 person Family room / night

  • 145 € / 2 person Family room / night

  • 165 € / 2 person Family room with an additional bed / night

Price includes a full Super Breakfast, sauna and wireless internet.

Reservation by the name Visio-seurakuntakonferenssi by August 31st.

The church can also arrange homestay accommodations. Please contact us before September 12th if you’re interested.


Tampere Pentecostal Church

Aleksanterinkatu 18, 33100 Tampere


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Should you need additional information about our conference concerning, for example, homestay accommodations or wanting to be a part of the process of making this conference happen, please leave a message through the enclosed form. We will be in touch with you!